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Terms of Delivery

Delivery Service ("the marketplace") will use the third-party delivery service provided by Easy Group LLC (Identification N 406267276, Legal address: Paata Datuashvili street N3, Vake District, Tbilisi, Georgia) to handle the delivery of products sold on the platform.

Delivery Fees

Buyers will not be charged for delivery as the marketplace will absorb the delivery fees charged by Easy Group LLC.

Delivery Timeframes

The marketplace will provide estimated delivery timeframes for each product but cannot guarantee delivery times as they are dependent on Easy Group LLC's delivery schedule and policies.

Delivery Tracking

The marketplace will provide tracking information for each delivery, which will be provided by Easy Group LLC.

Delivery Issues

In the event of any delivery issues, the marketplace will work with Easy Group LLC to resolve the issue and ensure that the buyer receives their order.

Delivery Restrictions

The marketplace may have delivery restrictions based on location or product type, which will be clearly communicated to buyers.

Delivery Liability

Easy Group LLC will be responsible for any damage or loss of products during delivery, and the marketplace will not be liable for such issues.

Delivery Changes

The marketplace reserves the right to change the third-party delivery service used or modify these terms of delivery at any time. Any changes will be communicated to buyers in a timely manner.

Delivery Disputes

Any delivery disputes between the buyer and Easy Group LLC will be handled by Easy Group LLC, and the marketplace will not be involved in such disputes.

Delivery Address

The buyer is responsible for providing accurate delivery address information at the time of purchase. The marketplace and Easy Group LLC will not be liable for any delivery issues arising from incorrect or incomplete delivery address information provided by the buyer.

Delivery Attempt

Easy Group LLC will attempt to deliver the products to the buyer's specified delivery address. If the delivery is unsuccessful due to factors beyond Easy Group LLC's control (such as an incorrect address, buyer unavailability, or natural disasters), the buyer may be required to pick up the products from a designated location or may be charged additional fees for re-delivery attempts.

Delivery Delays

In the event of delivery delays caused by unforeseen circumstances (such as extreme weather conditions or pandemic-related restrictions), the marketplace and Easy Group LLC will make reasonable efforts to deliver the products as soon as possible. However, the marketplace and Easy Group LLC will not be liable for any damages or losses caused by such delays.